Junior User Interface Designer

We’re always looking for unique talent. But do you really have what it takes to be part of our team? Show us.


Envision your app design coming to life. How does that make you feel? Because if you can design it, you should be able to build it. 


That`s why we`re looking for a Junior User Interface Designer with a drive to learn frontend development. Experience is less important, but you do need to be a highly visual thinker and a problem solver who wants to master color, contrast, typography and frontend technologies. 


So, if you`ve ever:

  • drawn something on a napkin to explain it better
  • used a tool for something other than it`s intended purpose
  • got annoyed by an ugly, hard to use website
  • enrolled in a web dev MOOC as part of your New Year`s resolution 


We might be a match.


We hire for attitude & creativity and train for skill. So, apply if you are:

  • A details person - you know improvement is cumulative. Small changes lead to significant shifts and we`re not talking about design only.
  • A person with a thing for people & technology (and how they work together) - you like picking people`s brains and you like technology. What`s more, you`re interested in how people use technology and why
  • Very organized - in fancier terms, you possess systems thinking.
  • Visually inclined - you can recognize good design when you see it. Ideally, you know why it`s good or, at least, have certain intuitions.


Apply if you have:

  • A basic understanding of UI principles
  • A basic understanding of responsive design
  • An idea, a project, a basic portfolio, an account on Dribble or UpLabs - anything to showcase your design thinking, including mock projects. 


These are nice-to-haves:

  • Working knowledge of UI design tools, such as Figma or Sketch
  • A graphic design background, with some drawing skills (bonus points for mastering the Pen Tool and vectors)
  • Basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop 
  • Some practical knowledge of HTML/CSS 



This is what you are going to learn and eventually do on your own:

  • Entirely redesign or improve the interface of existing apps using UI Kits or from scratch
  • Deliver engaging user interfaces across a range of web app
  • Map out user flows and make sure design decisions compliment the overall user experience and journey
  • Code the frontend and make it look amazing
  • Work closely with backend developers to ensure final design meets standards 


This is why you should do it:    

  • You`ll build a portfolio of clients from all over the world
  • You`ll work with start-ups and MVPs and get a chance to have a real impact on the world
  • You`ll get familiar with software development and web technologies from various perspectives: client brief, design, frontend development, backend development
  • We have created a fun and flexible working environment, complete with awesome colleagues and we aim to keep it this way



Who we are:

Started in 2010, UPDIVISION is a software development company that keeps on growing. We're a diverse team of brilliant programmers and creative makers. Together we take ideas and turn them into mobile and web apps that disrupt entire industries.


We know how to deliver globally (4 continents & 12 countries so far) and we are always at the cutting edge of technology. 


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